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Rust Hook - This product has several features: No Recoil, Debug Camera, and Always day. Simple software with a small number of functions bypasses the EAC anti-cheat and is the best solution for its money.

[ No Recoil ]

  • No Recoil - a feature responsible for the complete or partial shutdown of recoil from firearms when firing
  • Bypass Plugins - NoRecoil mode for bypassing plugins on servers that block this feature. Activate this option only if NoRecoil does not work on a certain server!
  • Detailed recoil control settings for weapons
  • Active - the ability to enable / disable the weapon recoil control feature
  • Pitch - The level of initial recoil on the X axis when firing a weapon.
  • Yaw - Y-axis initial recoil level when firing a weapon.
  • Penalty - The level of initial knockback when firing a weapon.
  • No Sway - a feature responsible for completely or partially disabling camera sway when firing a weapon
  • Detailed settings for camera sway when shooting firearms
  • Active - the ability to activate / deactivate the camera sway control
  • Sway - The level of initial sway when firing a weapon.
  • Cone - Initial spread of the camera when firing a weapon.
  • Penalty - The amount of initial camera knockback when firing a weapon.
  • Valid values for all parameters NoRecoil and NoSway : from 0 to 100. Measured as a percentage

[ ESP Players ]

  • Player ESP - visual ESP features showing the location of the players, as well as various useful information about them
  • Active - the ability to activate / deactivate the ESP against players.
  • Box - shows the location of players using boxes through walls and other obstacles
  • Box Style - selection of the visual style of the boxes. Border - ordinary flat rectangles, Corner - corners from a flat rectangle, 3D - three-dimensional boxes.
  • Distance - shows the distance to the players in meters
  • Health - shows the number of hitpoints players have using a bar near their box
  • Weapon - a type of ESP that gives information about what weapon the player currently has in his hands
  • Name - shows players' nicknames
  • Range - maximum display area of players in meters. Valid values: from 0 to 1000 meters.
  • Team - displays which team the person is in


  • Npc ESP - wallhack against NPCs.
  • Active - ability to activate/deactivate WH against NPCs
  • Box - the simplest type of WH, shows the position of the NPC behind the walls using boxes
  • Box Style - selection of the visual style of the boxes. Border - ordinary flat rectangles, Corner - corners from a flat boxes ESP, 3D - volumetric boxes.
  • Distance - distance to NPC
  • Health - NPC health level
  • Weapon - The weapon in the hands of the NPC
  • Name - shows the names of the AI characters
  • Range - Maximum range to display NPCs. Value: 0 to 1000. Measured in meters.

[ MISC ]

  • Freecam - free flight camera, sometimes also called Debug Camera
  • Freecam speed - the ability to adjust the flight speed in the debug camera
  • Freecam sensitivity - free camera sensitivity setting
  • Worldtime - a feature that allows you to set Always day or another time of day
  • Worldtime value - you can set any time for the Always Day feature, 12:00 is recommended for constant daylight hours
  • Ingame radar - radar on the in-game map, shows the location of opponents directly on the map inside Rust
  • Ingame radar objects - selection of objects to display on the ingame radar. Players and NPCs are currently available
  • Crosshair - an in-game crosshair that will always be displayed in the place of the crosshair
  • Detailed crosshair settings - detailed settings for the in-game crosshair. You can customize it as much as possible for yourself: color, thickness, gap, transparency, size and much more
  • Admin Check - hack keeps track of whether there are admins on the server. If the software manages to track the admin, then his nickname will be displayed on the screen


  • Panic Key - a key that completely disables the cheat, a useful thing that will help you bypass the checks
  • Toggle key - the ability to bind a key to enable / disable wh, anti-recoil and some other features
  • Binds - advanced keybinding system, you can assign your activation buttons to all tools in the software
  • Color customization - detailed color customization for ESP, you can choose different colors for different categories of visual features of the hack
  • Cloud Menu - in phoenix rust hack there is no in-game menu for settings, all settings are made on our website. This is a new level of security.
  • Phone Menu - since the cheat is configured through the site, you can open the cheat menu from your phone and configure it on your smartphone. Convenient and safe!
  • Cloud CFG - your settings are saved on our server, it's convenient to share them with other players, and it's also convenient to upload other people's configs, just enter the code
  • Stream Proof - the cheat is not visible on video recording and on streams if you capture the Rust game window
  • Spoofer - with the phoenix hack for Rust you also get a phoenix spoofer to bypass the HWID ban

Client: Steam
Processor: Intel & AMD
Video card: Nvidia & AMD
Operating system: Windows 10, Windows 11 (All versions except 22h2) | Check what version you have by entering the command "winver" in the search for windows;

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